‘Mao Jacket’ on Bates Campus…

December 12, 2008 Comments Off on ‘Mao Jacket’ on Bates Campus…

“The Bates College Museum of Art and its director Mark Bessire, spearheaded a project to bring an amazing sculpture here to Bates. The ‘Legacy Mantle (Mao Jacket),’ created by world-renown Chinese artist Sui Jianguo was brough here early this month and is on loan to Bates for a year. The sculpture is truly incredible. It is made of metal, stands 10 feet high and weighs roughly 4 tons.” Read more as Paul describes Bates’ latest art installation HERE.


Lively Up Yourself

December 9, 2008 Comments Off on Lively Up Yourself

“As the semester ends, it seems appropriate to give you all a quick little recap. This has been a busy couple of months; I guess taking five classes, working three jobs, and wanting to soak up every Bates moment before going abroad might have been a bit much. I went on more sunrise paddles, sang in some more a cappella shows, frequented football games, and attended some wonderful dance parties.” Read more as Naima recaps this past semester and looks ahead to next semester in Cape Town, South Africa HERE.


December 8, 2008 Comments Off on Winter!

” Keeping with the holiday spirit, I took a break from studying for midterms today to build a gingerbread house with a friend. Below are some pictures. I found it a nice and relaxing way to pull myself away from the books. For now I am admiring the masterpiece (okay maybe it doesn’t look exactly like the picture on teh box) but I can’t hold off eating it forever.” Check out Paul’s fun photos HERE.

On Being Raised Buddhist

December 5, 2008 Comments Off on On Being Raised Buddhist

“Oh Buddhism, you complicate my life in so many ways but you also make it easy to write off bad things that happen.  Chalk it up to karma.  That spider was obviously some evil-doer in its past life, hence why it got killed by my Raid handling mother.  Same with the black fly.  However, it gets more complicated when you start to think about human beings.  Could the starving people of this world really all have racked up bad karma in their past lives?  I don’t buy it.  That’s a question I constantly ponder.  I hope I’ll come find some sort of satisfactory answer to that question someday.  Maybe lying on the side of the road looking like road kill like my fake fur stole.  Sigh.” Contemplate Steph’s Buddhist upbringing along with her HERE.

First Snow!

December 5, 2008 Comments Off on First Snow!

“We got our first significant snowfall here at Bates on Sunday. It had snowed a few times earlier in the season but we never got any accumulation… until now. Snow makes me think of skiing, skating, and good winter times. As always, Bates looks great with a fresh coat of snow.” Check out some of Paul’s photos from our first snow HERE.

Thanksgiving Break

December 5, 2008 Comments Off on Thanksgiving Break

“And the “fruit of the forest” pies that my father purchases through some sort of mystery pie-drive at the March of Dimes.  I feel as though they should be selling folic acid candies or something, not necessarily pie but fruit of the forest has become a family staple for us.  The name is the most mysterious part of this pie, forget that it came from the March of Dimes.  What exactly are fruits of the forest?  My personal hypothesis is that the pie is comprised of apples and raspberries and such and that whoever was in charge of these pie titles just liked the alliteration.  I mean, we buy it.  I’d buy it for the ingenious alliteration, who cares if it makes sense or not?” Read more as Steph describes her last Thanksgiving Break as a Bates senior HERE.

Back to Bates…

December 4, 2008 Comments Off on Back to Bates…

“I was certainly grateful that I had a whole week off to rest, relax, and prepare for final exams and papers. Although I kept telling myself I would get work done over break I accomplished very little. Finding the motivation to work while eating turkey and hanging out with family + friends is not easy. I’d like to blame my lack of progress on work on the tryptophan from the turkey, but I don’t suppose that’s fair.” Read more about Paul’s return to Bates after a relaxing Thanksgiving Break HERE.

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