Back at Bates, just in time

November 30, 2009 Comments Off on Back at Bates, just in time

“…because I had two or three days of break more than most of my friends from home, I was able to take the beginning of the week to just catch up on sleep, go for appointments, and spend time with my family. It was great to reunite with all of my high school friends though, especially considering it is the time when everyone is figuring out their majors and what they want to do. I will admit though, most of their majors were complicated seven word things that related to like geography and environmental political planning… I offered a one word response ‘ENGLISH.'” Read more.


Apply Tips From the Workplace To Your Romantic Relationships

November 29, 2009 Comments Off on Apply Tips From the Workplace To Your Romantic Relationships

“For me, a vacation by no means is a vacation from oatmeal for breakfast.  And what I learned this morning from making oatmeal is that tips concerning how to be successful in the workplace can double as tips on how to nurture a successful romantic relationship.  Do as you would in the office at home.  It works.” Read more.

Our Hills are Alive with the Sound of Music

November 28, 2009 Comments Off on Our Hills are Alive with the Sound of Music

“Bates has long had a history of organizing the most vibrant musical events, with the meticulous planning of the Chase Hall Committee (the team responsible for selecting, arranging, and coordinating most of the band performances here on campus), WRBC (Learn more about our college radio station here:, and the Student Activities Office (oversees most events ranging between a variety of guest talks, poetry readings, and weekend rafting trips). As a matter of fact, we’ve managed to get a couple of artist name brands out there to play a gig for us.” Read more.

Theorizing: in the dictionary somewhere between Sleep and Turkey

November 27, 2009 Comments Off on Theorizing: in the dictionary somewhere between Sleep and Turkey

“…after spending weeks talking about female exploitation in music videos and other mediums, a classmate of mine rose her hand and brought up this Lady Gaga video. She wanted to point out that there are some music videos that clearly try to shift focus from the usual overtly sexual and patriarchal images. My professor was intrigued so we got on the classroom’s computer, projected the music video,  and watched it as a class. Everyone was really interested in the images and after theorizing about the different things going on and whether they are conceptual or not…” Read more.

Harvest Dinner!

November 25, 2009 Comments Off on Harvest Dinner!

“Check out the menu:
Domestic & Imported Cheeses with Seasonal Fruit
Mixed Greens Salad w/choice of dressing one to be cranberry vinaigrette
Bread & Butter Pickles
Deviled Eggs
Spiced Pumpkin Soup
Native Seafood Chowder
Roast Breast of Turkey (Turkey Gravy)
Slow Roasted Pot Roast w/ Onions, Native Maine Potatoes and Carrots (Pot Roast Gravy)
Lobster Stuffed Haddock
Butternut Squash Casserole
Peas & Onions
Mashed Potatoes (vegan)
Cape Cod Cranberry Sauce
Green Bean and Tofu Stir Fry
Eggplant and Read Bean Stew
Basmati Rice w/Asparagus & Cashews
Sam’s Rolls
Chocolate Cream Pie
Pumpkin Pie
Apple Pie
Pecan Toffee Pie
Baked Alaska
Cheesecake Bar
Seasonal Cupcakes
Chocolate Fountain”
Read more.

Extracurricular Theater + School = ?

November 21, 2009 Comments Off on Extracurricular Theater + School = ?

“The theater department offers many experience-based courses in addition of their lecture courses, including Beginning Acting, Advanced Acting, Acting for the Camera, Directing, and Directing for the Camera among others. Around the end of fall semester, the Directing course culminates in an evaluation of a play they have directed. The first performance, just before Thanksgiving recess (TONIGHT!!!) is a traditional proscenium performance.” Read more.

Wait, Bragging Can Help You Get Ahead?

November 20, 2009 Comments Off on Wait, Bragging Can Help You Get Ahead?

“I knew I was struggling in my inability to brag and that it was affecting my job search. I had to get over my hesitancy to speak positively about myself. To toot my own horn, if you will. So, I turned to the books. I checked out two from my local library: You Are the Message by Roger Ailes and BRAG!: The art of tooting your own horn without blowing it by Peggy Klaus. You Are the Message had the creepier book cover (a bald white man who looked like a smiling Alfred Hitchcock) so I chose that one to dive into first.” Read more.

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