The Noble Pursuit of UBC

July 31, 2010 Comments Off on The Noble Pursuit of UBC

“UBC stands for “Ulysses Book Club,” as coined by one of my favorite high school English teachers. And this summer, the two of us, along with my mother, are desperately attempting to conquer the behemoth that is James Joyce’s Ulysses. Why would I spend my summer months plugging away at such a substantial piece of literature that is by no means light, poolside reading?” Read more.


Oh the Places I will go!

July 30, 2010 Comments Off on Oh the Places I will go!

“I just received my passport in the mail today. Phew!  It’s been on quite the adventure in its quest for a Chinese visa. I was issued a visa with permission for multiple entries and a stay of 180 days. Sweet! It looks like Japan is definitely on the menu.  I’m going to be working really hard while I’m in China though and I’ve already visited the necessary places like the Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, etc. Thus, I”m not feeling like travel is something that is absolutely necessary (to top it off, the contract I signed specifically stated that I was not going to China travel, I was going to learn the language).  I wouldn’t mind seeing Xi’an, Shanghai or Hong Kong though, but we will see.” Read more.

Craigh na dun

A Thousand Little Moments

July 29, 2010 Comments Off on A Thousand Little Moments

“Traveling around Europe was a complete adventure. To sum it all up in one short blog post would be impossible. There are some numbers that are simple enough to add up: 7 countries, 11 international border crossings, 31 days of travel, 1 sighting of a b-list celebrity.  But it’s the things that can’t be quantified, grouped, or counted that made the experience memorable.” Read more.

Hanging out in Paris

A Weekend with a “spot” of History

July 28, 2010 Comments Off on A Weekend with a “spot” of History

“I feel it is safe to say that I now know a little bit about Vermont.  It’s actually not really saying too much because like I said, I had never been here before.  We traveled to Quechee on Friday and visited Simon Pearce’s restaurant, store and workshop.  It was beautifully located on a river which just added to the ambiance of the already gorgeous glass pieces and amazingly decorated restaurant.” Read more.

Glass Blowing!

Mcflurries and Birthdays Without Cake

July 28, 2010 Comments Off on Mcflurries and Birthdays Without Cake

“Now, I thought he was going to take me to Montreal or Maine for the weekend- some place that we had talked about going before- but when we started going West on I-90 I got confused.  I began to think he was taking me home for the weekend which would have been nice but totally non-inventive.  Or I thought we were going to Sturbridge Village which would really only be a pipe dream because there is no way he would take me there.  Unfortunately.

However, we breezed right by my exit (and the exit to Sturbridge Village for that matter) which left me completely confused.  Only when I caught sight of a sign for Tanglewood did I know he was taking me to the Berkshires.  At first I thought, “Really?  The Berkshires?  What are we, 50 years old and looking to rekindle our romance?”  But then I stopped being so judgmental and decided to wait and see what he had in store for me.” Read more.

Future Fears

July 27, 2010 Comments Off on Future Fears

“I think that watching Jordan figure out his future freaks me out because I then feel as though I need to figure out mine.  And I certainly do.  But really, I am having a future freeze.  I have no blog ideas, can’t get myself to start exploring graduate school programs, and don’t want to begin studying for the GREs.  Instead, I keep making cold bean salad with too much red onion in it (I just had it for lunch and am typing this while chewing three pieces of Trident gum) and watching The Real Housewives of Orange County.” Read more.

Summer So Far

July 27, 2010 Comments Off on Summer So Far

“This summer I’ve spent a lot of time hanging out with some Bates grads (class of 09) who live close by. Their apartment is a very welcome escape most nights, considering that my work situation has me still living at home under the reign of my parents. Through them, I’ve begun to get a taste for a phenomenon that commonly occurs in “the real world,” where groups of people come together to be friends but not from any one reason, for example that they all went to school together.” Read more.

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