About Bates Life

Bates Life is where you can find links to ongoing student and alumni narratives that provide real, genuine, and immediate insight into everyday student experiences on and off the Bates College campus.

Experience the late nights, early mornings, senior thesis, all-nighters, Commons, athletics, surfing, snowboarding, puddle jumps, Milt’s pitstops, short term, study abroad, croquet on the quad, Trivia Nights, Tuesday night seminars, improv showsParents Weekends, leaf jumps, Amandla meetings, student musicians, March Madness, procrastination, AESOP, First Year Seminars, a cappella concerts, Outing Club, Gala, classroom discussions Lewiston, waffle machines, Sanghai Asia events, Mt. David Presentations, theater productions, the Ronj espresso shots, WRBC shows, Finals, student art, rommate bonding and of course, The People contributing to Bates Life.


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