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There are so many opportunities to compose and perform your own music at Bates, regardless of your major. The Bates Musicians Union functions as a student run organization for the musical community on campus. With a designated space for band practice and equipment storage, the BMU is able to help provide the Bates community with lots of live music. Whether it is through the BMU, the Music Department, A Cappella groups. the college’s radio station WRBC, or the numerous musical acts invited to campus each year, students are able to experience music on various levels. Featured below are some of the many student musicians on campus and links to their music.

Time Travelers:

  • Edward ’11 – English Major – Bethesda, MD
  • Andrew ’11 – History Major – New Hartford, NY
  • Travis ’11 – Biochemistry Major – Providence, RI
  • Ben ’11 – Environmental Studies Major – East Hampton, NY
Click Here To Listen To Time Travelers’ Full EP!                                                       Click Here To Visit Their Facebook Page!



Sawyer Lawson:

  •  Sawyer ’12 – Anthropology Major – Concord, MA

Click Here to Listen to More of Sawyer’s Original Tracks! 

Watch Sawyer’s Music Video!


Bates A Capella: Striking Cords

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