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Blog: Bates Folk and Food

Home State: New Jersey

Top 5 ways to have a musical Wednesday evening at Bates
  • Stop by the Ronj to listen to Chase the Fiddlers rehearse. If you have an instrument, join in!
  • Walk across the street to the WRBC radio station and listen to a show live on the air.
  • Take a stroll behind PGill. Bates’ gospel choir has a sound so powerful, you can hear it across the Puddle!
  • Now that you’re over there, walk through Olin Arts Building. You’re bound to hear one of the a cappella groups rehearsing or a diligent instrumentalist in one of the practice rooms.
  • Head over to the Silo for a free concert from the “Village Club Series”.

Gemma ’13

Blog: Garnet Gateway the Gemma Way

Home State: New York

Top 5 things to do while sitting in Commons for an extended period of time to avoid Homework
  • People watch.  Seat selection is very important for this. Make sure you have the seat at the table that gives you the broadest view of commons.
  • Walk around Commons repeatedly to make sure you didn’t miss anything you might want to eat the last 5 times you did the rounds. If you’re like me you’ll end up at the cereal bar with a cup of Cinnamon Toast Crunch.
  • Move tables at least once, or wait for another group of people to come sit with you. This will give you an excuse to stay even longer.
  • Think about and talk about all of the things that you have to do, but don’t do them because you’re too busy sitting in Commons.
  • Stay until the doors to Commons close. Then you know you’ve made it.


Kate ’13

Blog: All Maine Points

Home State: Minnesota

Top 5 Amazing Study Spots on Campus
  • The Philosophy Lounge, 3rd floor of Hedge.  Quiet. Sunny. Though-provoking.  A great place to write a paper or just think philosophically.
  • The Ronj. Quarky. Social. Relaxing.  Plus the tea selection is second to none!
  • Ladd Library. If you crave peaceful and quiet go to the 2nd or 3rd floor.  If you like ambient noise 1st floor or basement is your choice
  • Upstairs in Commons. Get to commons at a low traffic time, either late lunch or early breakfast or go upstairs!
  • Pgill Atrium.  The sound of running water, indoor trees, and arching ceilings. It’s like you’re outside!

Michelle ’15

Blog: Midnight at Bates

Home: Vancouver, Canada

Top 5 Places to Take a Nap at Bates
  • The Kegouin Amphitheater (On a sunny day)
  • The Quad.  Under the shady comfort of trees.
  • Fireplace Lounge in Commons.
  • On top of Mount David. Bring sunscreen and a blanket.
  • My bed


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